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Schools Opening for Athletics

Morgan County school administrators are beginning the process of planning the reopening of our campuses for athletic training and practices.  This will be done under the standards spelled out by the Alabama High School Athletic Association and the state school superintendent’s office.  Those organizations have approved schools to return to campus on June 1, 2020, but doing so is a decision each individual school will be making independently.

Morgan county schools is highly encouraging best practices, including all coaches, athletes and personnel be screened each day for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 infection prior to participating to any workout or gathering.  Only school personnel, coaches, athletic trainers, and student-athletes should be present during activities. We ask that parents and others adhere to this guidance out of an abundance of caution.  Coaches reserve the right to ask anyone to leave practice.

Other guidelines and suggested protocols are listed on the AHSAA web site.

Also, each school may have more information for their facilities.  Please consult those individual schools for more information.  These guidelines are the minimal standards for Morgan County School facilities.  Coaches and other personnel may have additional protocol to protect the health and safety of their athletes.  Everyone within the school system takes this matter very seriously, as we move forward preparing to fully reopen our facilities.