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Chromebook Help

Logging in: open the Chromebook, click on the blue sentence that says “sign in with a different account. In this first box type students S#, enter, next screen is their password which is mcs#lunch number. All of this information is on the students green card. You are then ready to type in the program on the Google search bar.
When you are finished for this session simply close the Chromebook. This logs them out.
If your student rotates the screen-press Ctrl, shift and the refresh Arrow located 
Above the number 4. You may have to do this several times to get the screen straight.
When your student is ready to work in clever and you are signing in, Leave OFF the S of their student number. 
Sometimes sites will say they are blocked. If this happens, close the Chromebook , open it up and when you see your students name click on it and you will see the option to delete the student. After you do that, close it, open it and sign it again. That should solve the problem.
There are several resources you can check on under MCS covid-19 updates then go to resources.
I hope this will be help to you, your parents and students. Let me know if I can be off any assistance to you.
Taleah Alexander