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2020-21 School Year

Many of you are wondering about how school will look in the fall.  The answer is no one is sure right now.  We’re planning for several scenarios, but won’t be making a decision until we get closer to August.  We’re trying to avoid making plans that now may need to be altered in the coming weeks.

We do know we will offer virtual school in some form.  We have a system that’s been in place since 2015 for grades 9-12, and was expanded shortly after to include grades 6-12.  In grades 9-12, we currently offer:

1)      Credit Alternatives and Recovery Education (CARE)

2)      Full-time virtual school

3)      Part-time virtual school

4)      Blended classrooms

And for the upcoming year, we will again offer virtual school for all grades, K-12.  Administrators at your child’s school can provide you with more detailed information.

But for now, we are awaiting guidance from the state that will help us evaluate the best option for Morgan County.  At this time, we plan to start school at the regularly scheduled dates and we will offer the same blended options as all north Alabama schools.  We will communicate a clear and decisive plan that will allow plenty of time for our students’ families to choose the best options for them.

For the time being, enjoy your summer!  And we look forward to welcoming you back to school in August, either on campus or at home.