About Eva School

  • History of Eva School

    William J. Rook began a Post Office in what was called Cowhead in 1883. However, the post office closed after a month. According to old timers, the community held a meeting to discuss a new name for the community in October 1883. Dr. Lewis M. Keller arrived at the meeting late, and was chosen to name the town. He explained that he had just delivered a beautiful baby girl, named Eva Brandon. He chose her name because like the baby, the town was just getting started. The post office re-opened under the new name, Eva.

  • Mission Statement

    In all we do we strive to achieve "A Community of Character, Commitment, and Creativity."


    Eva School History as written by Miss Gladys Moses in the 1st edition of the BEAM, 1945-46. 

         A little two-room school building that stood on the brow of a hill served the Eva Community for several years.  But as we began to make progress in our industrial life, the people saw the need of a larger school.

         We were determined to build a new school house, but the task was difficult due to the lack of funds.  However, Mr. Wiley Stewart, a wealthy merchant and sawmill owner, came to the rescue and gave five acres of land at the present school site.  You will perceive that the task was only begun.  Money must be raised for the erection of the building.  The leading citizens made an appeal to every man in the community, and soon the necessary funds were raised, mainly through donations.

         In 1918 Eva gazed with admiration upon a beautiful four-room school building.  It was assumed that Eva had as large a school building as she would ever need.

         Some years later the question of securing building funds and more school facilities confronted us for the second time.  But a huge economic mountain loomed in the distance, the depression.  The ever-growing determination of the citizens and the ever-increasing cry of school needs, tended to spur the people on.  Money was almost a legend in Eva by the time the building committee was ready to function, but a depression could not stop the unshaken "Eva Go Getters".  Led by Dr. J.G. Daves, the local physician (and later called the "Father of Eva School), the committee decided to borrow money for the big building project.  When the amount and the terms of the loan had been agreed upon, ten witnesses were called to represent Eva.  It was a community undertaking, but the ten men were bound to fulfill the obligation as borrowers.

         The fairy dream of a resolute community was realized in the spring of 1930 when Eva became the proud possessor of an accredited high school and held her first graduation exercises with a senior class composed of three members.

         In our rational thinking, Eva would be obscured by the shadows of the depression during the early ‘30's.  But she was not --- Eva was yet to shine forth in other school plans more difficult to accomplish than ever before.

         The clatter of horses' feet, the rattle, rattle of trucks, and clang, clang of sledge hammers against rocks heralded the beginning of a stone gymnasium which was begun in 1937 and finished within a year.  The community sensed a great feeling of pride over this accomplishment, because practically the whole project was completed through donations; and all labor and materials were donated.

         During this time the people were planning a new curriculum that would fill the growing needs.  At first they were confused with the double process of erecting buildings and devising a new course of study, but they carried forward both procedures at once, and in the early ‘30's Vocational Agriculture and Home Economics were added to the curriculum.

         The last, but not least, step that has been undertaken by the energetic Eva citizens was the erection of the Grammar School building and Vocational Shop in the early ‘40's. 


    With the opening of Albert P. Brewer High School in 1972, Eva High School students in grades ten, eleven, and twelve were sent to the new consolidated high school. The last graduating Eva High School Class of 1972 consisted of 49 graduates. Eventually, the ninth graders would join Albert P. Brewer High School, leaving Eva School as a K-8 Junior High School. Whether a high school, or a junior high school, the people of Eva love this school!