Elementary Education (K-5th Grade)

Learning about Author Dr. Seuss
  • From the moment our students begin their educational journey at Morgan County Schools we are preparing them for the future, cultivating a love of learning that will serve them well throughout their schooling and in life, and building relationships that will support and sustain them as they move through elementary school and beyond.

    Our elementary schools provide a learning environment in which we focus on the needs of the whole child, nurturing their creativity, supporting their own natural curiosity, and teaching them foundational habits of heart and mind.





    • Highly effective schools produce leaders prepared to be productive citizens.

    • An intentional focus on building strong student and teacher relationships will lead to student success.

    • All students can learn.

    • A safe and supportive learning environment promotes student achievement

    • A collaborative partnership between home, school, and community creates a culture that is essential for a healthy learning environment and the achievement of school goals.

    • Diversity enriches our school system with a variety of ideas, values, and cultures.

    • Educational programs and services must prepare our graduates to be college and career ready.

    • Data drives high-quality instruction.

    • Standards-based instruction provides deeper learning and understanding

    • Effective schools result from strong leadership.

    • Technology enhances learning.

    • Effective teachers pursue high-quality professional development.


    Teachers strive to help our students set high expectations, work cooperatively with others, find their passions and develop the enduring self-confidence that comes from engaging with the world and communities around us. Our program encourages intellectual growth and social development in a safe and nurturing environment.

    Many facets of our program are designed to provide a balance of opportunities and foster a joyful learning experience:

    • AMSTI Math and Science Activities & Experiments;  STEM Activities — Our elementary schools meet College and Career Readiness Standards by using Alabama Math Science Technology Initiative (AMSTI) and Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) activities

    • Advisory  Students belong to faculty-led advisory groups. The time spent together each week is dedicated to social and intellectual growth. Through discussing matters of character or playing a team bonding game, advisory groups become an important part of a student’s support system at school. Advisory time is allotted at every school where every student has at least one supportive adult assigned to them for two-way communication.

    • Parent/Teacher Contact — Advisory teachers contact parents on student progress at least once a month (phone call, conference, e-mail, etc.).  This contact is a two-way communication between family members and school staff, to the extent practicable, in a language that family members can understand.

    • Parent/Family Activities—Our elementary schools offer a variety of Parent/Family activities during the school year.  Examples include Math Night, Family Night, and Fall Festival.

    • Activities/ Clubs — There are many activities and/or clubs at our schools to allow students to explore and flourish in a variety of areas. Some are just for fun, like the book club, others are competitive like the Math Team and Robotics. Several clubs offer service opportunities, including reading pals for younger students.

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