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  • Schoology is a learning management system that enables teachers to create, manage, and share assignments and resources.  Schoology offers access to attendance records, grades, exams, and homework. The user-friendly interface aims to facilitate collaboration within a class, group, or school through shared libraries of resources.

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  • Add an Additional Child to an Exsisting Account

  • Schoology Home Page: Your Parent account compared to your child's Schoology information

    Having a Parent account in Schoology is actually like having two accounts:

    1. Your personal account, with your own name and information.
    2. Your Child Activity view. From here, you can view Schoology from your child’s perspective—see what they see and receive updates about their activity.

    To start, click the down-facing arrow next to your name and then select your child’s name to switch into their account. If you have multiple children associated with your account, all will be displayed in this area. The checkmark in this drop-down menu indicates which account you are currently viewing:

  • Child Activity View

  • 1—Student Activity

  • 2—Enrollments

  • 3—Recent Grades/Attendance

  • 4—Overdue

  • 5—Upcoming

  • 6—Courses

  • 7—Groups

  • 8—Grades