Guidance Department

  •  WMMS Guidance Mission

    Ms. Jessica Brown


    The mission of West Morgan’s guidance and counseling program is to provide all students with the skills needed to fulfill their potential both socially and academically while providing them with an understanding of the emotional needs of both themselves and others.

    Our mission statement and the activities used to support that mission are based on the following fundamental beliefs:

    1.      Each student is unique in both ability and circumstances. 

    2.      Each student deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. 

    3.      Each student can and will perform to the level expected of him/her, if provided with the appropriate environment. 

    4.      Each student has the right to make choices and to accept responsibility for those choices. 

    5.      Each student has the right to participate in activities that promote both development and direction, either academically, socially, or emotionally. 

    6.      Each student deserves to be served by a guidance and counseling program that meets his or her individual needs and does so seamlessly throughout his or her academic career.

    Here at West Morgan, we firmly believe in the vision of the Morgan County School System, and we vow to work tirelessly to ensure that the students who have been entrusted to our care today have the skills, ethics, and confidence necessary to become tomorrow’s leaders.