Jobs for Alabama's Graduates

  • JAG is a part of a nationwide organization called Jobs for America’s Graduates which is dedicated to reaching students with untapped potential and help them to overcome barriers to success. In the program, students learn a variety of soft skills and earn certifications that make them marketable to employers. This program helps connect students with employers and industry leaders in hopes of leading them to a successful career. JAG members also participate in service-learning projects, workplace simulations, and district and state competitions through the­ Career Association Chapter. Through this program students will grow in leadership, prepare for a career, and have the skill set needed to be successful.


    Course offerings:

    Third Year: Leadership and Self-Development, Job Survival Skills, Life Survival Skills

    Fourth Year: Career Development, Job Attainment, Workplace Skills, Economic Empowerment


    Career Opportunities:

    The JAG Specialist will partner with the Career Technical teachers to help align students with the best career path. Then, through partnerships with local employers, the specialist will attempt to match students with satisfying careers.


    Earning Potential:

    Wages vary among Career Tech program based on level of experience and certifications earned. Across all programs, annual salaries range from $20,000- $200,000.


    Career Tech Student Organizations:

    JAG Career Association Chapter


    Industry Certifications:

    Through learning modules addressing the 85 JAG competencies, students will have the possibility of earning certifications including, but not limited to, EverFi Financial, Ready to Work, Jobs for Alabama Graduates, and other career tech certifications applicable to each industry.