• The Morgan County Pre-Engineering Program is designed to offer students an overview of the engineering profession and fundamental skills utilized in general engineering. Students investigate various engineering disciplines and related career paths. They develop communication and teamwork skills as well as increase their understanding of basic scientific and mathematical principles used in problem solving through the engineering design process. Students will also explore the application of engineering principles in various technological areas including: construction, transportation, communication, manufacturing, and bio-engineering. Students will also learn about systems involved in the engineering research and design process. Topics include fluid, thermal, mechanical, and electrical systems. Participation in the program is linked to membership on FIRST Robotics team 3959.


    Course Offerings:

    Freshmen: Foundations of Engineering

    1st Year: Engineering Applications, Basic Programming for Engineers

    2nd Year: Engineering Systems, Introduction to Robotics

    3rd Year: Engineering Research and Design, Robotics Applications


    Career Opportunities:

    Aerospace Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Computer Software Engineer- Applications, Computer Software Engineer- Systems, Electrical/Electronic Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Petroleum Engineer


    Earning Potential:

    Aerospace Engineer


    Biomedical Engineer


    Chemical Engineer


    Civil Engineer


    Computer Software Engineer, Applications


    Computer Software Engineer, Systems


    Electrical/Electronic Engineer


    Industrial Engineer


    Mechanical Engineer


    Petroleum Engineer



    Career Tech Student Organization:

    TSA (Technology Student Association)


    Industry Certifications:

    SolidWorks Associate


    Robotics/Pre-Engineering is offered at Technology Park and at Priceville High School. Tim Sharp teaches the program at Technology Park and Alesia Doran teaches Project Lead the Way and Pre-Engineering at Priceville High School.