• Pre-Engineering Design Drafting and Architectural Design

    The Pre-Engineering Design Drafting program provides students with an overall understanding of basic skills used in a wide variety of design/drafting specialties. The program serves as an introduction into related careers such as General Drafting, Engineering, Presentation Design, Architectural Design, and many other Manufacturing and Building fields. The Design Drafting Technology program prepares students for employment as entry level drafters in a high technology society. Students receive training in 2D and 3D Software Application (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Revit and more), standard dimensioning and tolerances, reverse engineering, machine drafting, 3D solid modeling, and 3D Animations. Students will also study construction methods, plans, and details and symbols dealing with structural, civil, and architectural design drafting.

    Students can take Dual Enrollment through Calhoun for this program.


    Course Offerings:

    Freshman: Introduction to Pre-Engineering and Design Drafting, Introduction to Architectural Design

    1st Year: Intermediate Pre-Engineering and Design Drafting, Intermediate Architectural Design 

    2nd Year: Advanced Pre-Engineering, Advanced Architectural Design

    3rd Year: Introduction and Advanced 3D Solid Modeling


    Career Opportunities:

      • Pre-Engineering Design Drafting
      • Additive Manufacturing
      • Architectural Drafting
      • CAD Technician
      • Solid Modeler
      • Presentation Designer
      • 3D Prototyper

    Earning Potential:

    Earnings in this field vary based on experience, skill, and type of job. The salaries reflected below are average earnings in the field: 

      • Pre-Engineering Design Drafting- $52,000
      • Additive Manufacturing- $41,000
      • Architectural Drafting- $56,000
      • CAD Technician- $40,000
      • Solid Modeler- $64,000
      • Presentation Designer- $49,000
      • 3D Prototyper- $64,000


    Career Tech Student Organization:



    Industry Certifications:

    Certified SolidWorks Associate, AutoCAD Certification