• Students can begin their technical career with electronics training at the Morgan County Schools Technology Park. The first year we learn to use test equipment, construct circuits, and explore reactive components. The second year we begin exploring the world of Solid State devices and learn about digital electronics. The third and final year we receive an intro into the world of robotics, electrical controls, and programmable logic controls.


    Course Offerings:

    Freshmen (1 hour): Fundamentals of Electronics and Computer Technologies

    1st Year: Direct Current, Alternating Current

    2nd Year: Solid State Electronics, Digital Electronics

    3rd Year: Industrial Controls, Introduction to Robotics


    Career Opportunities:

    Technology Park Electronics Program is designed to give all students a massive head start leading into Secondary Education. These careers include but are not limited to Industrial Maintenance Technician, IT fields, Bio-med, Telecommunications, and Electrical Engineering.


    Earning Potential:

    Salaries in these fields range from $35, 000.00 to $75, 000.00 per year


    Career Tech Student Organization:



    Industry Certifications:

    ETA DC Exam, Additional advanced credentials are available as well.


  • Daily materials needed include pen and pencils, a scientific calculator, paper for notes and class-lab work, and a learning attitude.