Agriscience Program- Offered at all High Schools

  • The Agriscience program provides students with a general overview of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Systems, Animal Systems, Plant Systems, and Agribusiness Systems.  In these courses, students are involved in classroom and laboratory activities in each of the five pathway areas. Topics included in this course are:

    • Industry Safety
    • Technology Applications
    • Agribusiness Leadership
    • Environmental Science
    • Soil Science
    • Plant Science
    • Forestry
    • Animal Science
    • Wildlife Science
    • Pest Management
    • Wood Working
    • Metal Working
    • Small Engines
    • Electrical Wiring
    • Plumbing

    Agriscience is offered at each of the Morgan County High Schools as well as the Junior High Schools that feed into Brewer High School.


    Courses Offered:

    Freshmen: Fundamentals of Agriscience

    Year 1: Intermediate Agriscience

    Year 2: Advanced Agriscience

    Year 3: Applied Agriscience


    Career Opportunities:

    Agriculture Engineer, Agronomist, Botanist, Conservation Planner, Endangered Species Biologist, Forest Health Specialist, Landscaper, Park Ranger, Water Quality Specialist, Wildlife Officer


    Earning Potential:

    Earnings in this field vary based upon career. Average earnings range from $35,000-$80,000.


    Career Tech Student Organization:

    FFA (Future Farmers of America)


    Industry Certifications:

    Beef Q/A, NCCER, Forestry Worker Certificate, Hunter Education Certificate.