Automotive Service Technology


    Automotive Service Technology focuses on student mastery of selected basic principles and the use of equipment that is fundamental in the automotive industry. Topics include Engine Repair, Automatic Transmissions, Manual Drivetrains, Electronics, Engine Performance, Brakes, Suspension & Steering, and HVAC. In this program, students will apply the theories of mechanics and physics to develop the student’s understanding of multiple systems.


    Course Offerings:

    First Year: Suspension and Steering, Engine Repair

    Second Year: Suspension and Steering II, Engine Repair II

    Third Year: Suspension and Steering III, Engine Repair III


    Career Opportunities:  Automotive Technician, Service Manager, Parts Specialist, Diesel Technician, Mechanical Engineer. Wages vary based upon position and experience. On average, salaries for these positions range from


    Earning Potential: $35,000-$120,000

    Career Tech Student Organization: SkillsUSA


    Industry Standards:

    ASE Certifications:

    Brakes, S & S, Electronics, Engine Repair, Engine Performance, HVAC


    Snap-On Certifications:

    Solus Ultra Scanner, Shop-Key Pro, DVOM