• Be creative, be the artist, be the scientist, be the explorer, be positive, be amazing, Be the best version of YOU!!! Cosmetology students will study and learn hair cutting, styling, hair color and application, along with skin care, nail care, salon management, and safety and sanitation. Students will learn the latest trends while expressing themselves through artistic ability and creativity. Cosmetology has a variety of career paths and can create many job opportunities in the ever changing world of the beauty industry.


    Course Offerings:

    First Year: Introduction to Cosmetology, Natural Hairstyling Practicum

    Second Year:  Introduction to Spa Techniques, Hair Color

    Third Year: Chemical Services, Salon Practices and Managament


    Career Opportunities:

    Cosmetologist, Barber, Medical Esthetician, Nail Technician, Makeup Artist


    Earning Potential:


    Barber- $23,710

    Medical Esthetician-$44,846

    Nail Technician-$22,150

    Makeup Artist-$40,792


    Career Tech Student Organization: 



    Industry Certifications: 

    Natural Hairstylist License