• Mrs. Katie Gullion

    What does the Guidance Counselor do?

    Large Classroom Guidance-Each class comes to my classroom one time every month for a lively and interactive class. Each month has a guidance theme and a character theme. The topics are personal/social issues such as making and keeping friends, careers exploration or ways to be a successful student through study skills.

    Small groups. These are one topic groups and last just a few weeks. Some of the groups offered include Let's Include New Kids (LINK) for students who are new to Eva, Students Making A Responsible Tackle(SMART) for kids who need help with study skills,  Back In Control (BIC) for students who are angry and The Times Are Changing(TAC) for kids who are going through divorce. Groups are offered as needed. Other groups may be added depending on need.

    Individual Counseling- Students are welcome to come and share what they have on their mind. Life, just like pickles, sometimes it's sweet and sometimes it's sour.

    Responsive Services- Sometimes I can fix it, like trading a new shoelace for a broken one but, sometimes students have a need that is beyond what I can do and I have to bring in outside helpers. An example would be Hospice's Friend to Friend grief group.

    Collaboration with Parents-Sometimes parents need help with their children and I will be glad to help if I can or find someone who can. I have lots of parenting resources on common problems available in my classroom. Come by and take a look!

    Collaboration with Teachers- Sometimes teachers need help with their students too! Usually, this means I will be observing the student in the classroom and making recommendations about things that might help the student be successful.

    Red Ribbon Week- always the last week of October. We celebrate RRWeek because of a brave hero named Kiki who was a DEA agent who was killed. His greatest desire was to keep people away from all drugs. At Eva, we celebrate by wearing red ribbons and learning about the dangers of taking drugs and focusing on the things that help us make good decisions all of the time. 

    I would welcome an opportunity to answer any questions you may have. Please call the school office at 796-5141 or email me through this website. Thanks for allowing me to work with your children!