A.P. Brewer High School and Area Vocational School

Brewer High School
  • Albert P. Brewer Area Vocational and High School is part of the Morgan County School System. The school is nestled in the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains at Florette, Alabama. The grounds are comprised of approximately 80 acres located at the intersection of Highway 67 and Eva Road.

    In the late sixties, former Superintendent J.C. Petty, Superintendent George Nancarrow, the Morgan CountySchool Board, and Governor Albert P. Brewer saw an increasing need for the development of an Area Vocational/Academic School for eastern of Morgan County. Albert P. Brewer Area Vocational and High School was created in 1972 by combining grades 10-12 from seven area high schools.

    The school evolved from combining the high schools from Cotaco, Eva, Ryan, Sparkman, Lacey’s Spring, Union Hill, and Priceville. Also, the other high schools in the Morgan County School System send their vocational and ROTC students to Brewer. In 1981 the 9th graders were also moved to Brewer. Beginning with the 2001-2002 school year, Priceville High School began adding one grade each year to become a high school again. Therefore, Brewer is now comprised of students from five feeder schools.

    There are currently about 860 students in grades 9 through 12. Because of the pride instilled in former and current students and staff, the school has been exceptionally maintained and is a very respectful, clean learning environment. Brewer offers all the academics for honors and regular diplomas. Brewer offers the only ROTC program and vocational/technical classes for the county school system. Students have a great variety of elective subjects for participation. Students may also participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities, programs, and clubs.

    Besides the main academic classrooms, there are 15 vocational/technical classes at A. P. Brewer Area Vocational and High School. In addition, there are several science labs, computer labs and a library with a video room for viewing materials. There is also a ROTC / In-School Suspension building and Band Room. There are two gymnasiums, a softball complex, and a baseball complex. The football stadium has a six lane track, field house, and weight room. In addition to the regulation football field, there are four additional regulation fields that are used for practicing football, soccer, and a marching band field. One of these additional fields is the official soccer field. There is also an Outdoor Classroom and “Farm” for the agriculture classes, and two greenhouses used for the Learning Center classes.

    The former superintendents J.C. Petty and George Nancarrow, and the members of the Morgan County Board of Education are the ones instrumental in the creation of our unique school during the late 1960’s. These board members included Alvis Briscoe, Francis Collier, Karl Hough, Duggie Johnson, John A. Lile, and Robert Street and board secretary, Jewell Carr. Also, former Governor Albert P. Brewer for whom the school is named. Several members of the East Morgan county community supported and helped in the development of Brewer. Together, all these leaders had the foresight of creating Albert P. Brewer Area Vocational and High School.

    Special thanks also go to the first principal, James R. Tucker, who was instrumental in developing the structure, discipline, programs, and pride that are still being used as the foundation for creating and maintaining a great learning environment today. Many of the faculty and staff are former Albert P. Brewer graduates.