Freshman Orientation is JULY 24 8:30 to 11:30


    We are always looking for guest speakers, assembly activities. Please contact any freshman teacher or administrator with names or ideas throughout the school year!

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    The goal of the Brewer High School Freshman Academy is to ease the transition from middle school to high school and to ensure that freshmen successfully graduate within four years with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in college and/or career.

    Across the nation, high school freshmen have the highest rates of failures, discipline referrals and truancy. Often called the "make it or break it" year, 9th grade can be a very difficult time for teenagers learning to navigate new territory while developing skills for success in high school and beyond.  

    What to Expect at the Freshman Academy

    While each high school may house its Freshman Academy a little differently, the fundamental philosophy of additional student support remains the same. Incoming freshman students will be scheduled into a "focus" group with freshmen teachers who are able to plan together, share common expectations and help students acquire the skills necessary to successfully navigate through this transition year.  Students will still experience mainstream high school through elective courses and extracurricular activities.


    1. Seize opportunities to exhibit PATRIOT learner profile traits.
    2. Keep track of assignments.
    3. Try your best everyday and remember that everyday is a NEW day!
    4. Take advantage of help from teachers, counselors, administrators, and support staff. We are here to help you!
    5. Enrich your life at Brewer by participating in band, chorus, archery, JROTC, athletics, dance, art, career tech. The opportunities at BHS are endless!
    6. Turn in work ON time and represent Brewer High School in a respectful manner.
    7. Ask for help! Freshman Academy teachers work together to tutor and reteach students.
    8. Rest at night! You need 8 hours of sleep MINIMUM to be at your best.
    9. Speak up! Seek the help of counselors when you're concerned about yourself or a classmate.
    10. Attend school daily.


    1. Teachers will collaborate in planning rigorous instruction that challenges, engages, and inspires students through 21st century teaching and learning techniques.  
    2. Teachers will hold students to a high academic standard while providing remediation when needed.
    3. Teachers will treat students with compassion and justice.
    4. Teachers will collaborate with other professionals to provide a safe environment where all students can learn.