Media Center

    Collaboration/Instructional Planning Checklist


    To better prepare for your media center day(s), the media staff needs the following information concerning your media center needs and purpose. Each teacher, regardless of his or her class size, should clear all media center days with the media specialist and the media center calendar. The media center objectives section will be completed by the LMS after meeting with you about the lesson.


    Teacher name: __________________________________ Grade or class: __________

    Date(s) of visit: _________________________________________________________

    Class period(s):









    Topic: ___________________________________________________________________


    Instructional Objectives: _________________________________________________________________________



    Media Center Objectives:





    Anticipated resources: (please circle all that apply)

    Encyclopedias                Almanacs             Books on Topic             AV Materials


    Computers  (Just remember that we have a very limited number of computers available for student use.  Student devices allowed with teacher permission.)


    Other: (please explain) ________________________________________________________________________


    Is there any other information you feel is important to the successful completion of the assignment?


    **Please plan to remain in the media center with your class. Your classroom management skills and subject expertise are invaluable to a productive, positive experience. If possible, please try to take care of activities such as assigning topics or choosing groups before you arrive.