• PES is a Pre-K through 4th-grade elementary school in the Morgan County Alabama School System.  Once graduated from PES, our students attend Priceville Jr. High School.

    Welcome to Priceville Elementary School (PES) online. The common goal of faculty and staff is to provide an exceptional education for every student. Our mission is to educate students, both academically and socially, instilling positive life skills that will enable them to become responsible students and adults. 

    Priceville Elementary School has been recognized as a Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School!  Based on the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence assessment process, Priceville Elementary has met the criteria for all nine categories.

    These categories consist of the following:

    •         Student Focus and Support
    •         School Organization and Culture
    •         Challenging Standards and Curriculum
    •         Active Teaching and Learning
    •         Technology Integration
    •         Professional Community
    •         Leadership and Educational Vitality
    •         School, Family, and Community Partnerships
    •         Indicators of Success

    Priceville Elementary was selected as a CLAS BANNER School and recognized as a school that serves as an outstanding educational model for other schools in Alabama. The CLAS Baner School program was created in 2001 to recognize schools in Alabama that showcase outstanding programs and service to students. 142 schools were nominated this year for this prestigious recognition. Ten schools were chosen out of those nominated and PES was one of them! All ten CLAS Banner schools were recognized at a luncheon on April 24, 2012, in Montgomery.  The CLAS Banner hangs in the school's rotunda.

    PES is a Leader in Me School.  The faculty has been trained in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey) and are incorporating these life skills into daily instruction.  Students are taught to be proactive and responsible for their attitudes, actions, and moods.  Teachers emphasize the importance of doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.  Students are shown how to put the important things in life first, to set goals and develop plans to meet those goals and to seek win-win solutions when dealing with conflict involving others.  They also learn the importance of listening to others respectfully before voicing their opinions and working together to solve problems.  Students are encouraged to keep their minds and bodies sharp by engaging in meaningful activities at school and home.

    The PES teachers and staff are dedicated to providing a student-centered educational program in which all children are successful.  Each child is considered a unique individual with leadership capabilities, and every effort is made to differentiate instruction to meet the student's individual needs.  The love and dedication with which the staff approaches teaching create a friendly and positive learning environment.   

    PES is a data-driven school.  Each new school year, the faculty sifts through mounds of state testing and school summative and formative assessment data to determine the academic strengths and areas of focus for the upcoming school year.  The faculty sets goals for student learning and develops a school improvement plan (known as the Continuous Improvement Plan or CIP which can be located on this web site) to reach those goals.  Progress checkpoints through instructional rounds, grade level meetings, data meetings, and team meetings allow the faculty to determine how we are doing and determine any changes that need to be made to the instruction to reach our goals.  Students are our focus! 

    Parent involvement is paramount to the success of each child and the total school program!  It is our belief that parents and teachers working together as a team can help each child reach his or her potential. We welcome your interest and participation in our Parent-Teacher Organization.