Tanya McCain, Principal
  • Tanya McCain, Principal



  • OUR VISION: Tomorrow's Leaders, Lead Today. Priceville Elementary supports the Morgan County School System in making a continuous effort to develop leaders and provide authentic learning experiences. Our school rallies around the district vision, "Tomorrow's Leaders Lead Today."

    OUR MISSION: Every child a graduate…every graduate prepared to lead. Priceville Elementary supports the Morgan County School System in preparing every student to lead.

    OUR MOTTO: Leading, Loving, Learning Together. Priceville Elementary educates all students in a safe, supportive, challenging environment where everyone is trained to lead.   Our school rallies around the district motto, "It All Starts Here!"

    PES is one of approximately 1,950 Leader in Me Schools in the world.  The faculty has been trained in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey) and are incorporating these life skills into daily instruction.  Students are taught to be proactive and responsible for their attitudes, actions, and moods.  Teachers emphasize the importance of doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.  Students are shown how to put the important things in life first, to set goals and develop plans to meet those goals, and to seek win-win solutions when dealing with conflict involving others.  They also learn the importance of listening to others respectfully before voicing their opinions and working together to solve problems.  Students are encouraged to keep their minds and bodies sharp by engaging in meaningful activities at school and home.

    A unique feature of PES is that PES is one of 101 Lighthouse Schools in the world. Our school has received the honor of being the world's 34th Leader In Me lighthouse School. Faculty and staff members have been trained on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and implement the habits to a high degree. Our students are given multiple opportunities to apply for leadership roles throughout the year. We have a student lighthouse team and student ambassadors who greet students and visitors. Students also lead reading rallies, leadership day, awards day, and various events during the school year. PES has held two Leadership Days in two years. Schools from around the state and other states came to observe 7 Habit techniques, examples of student led presentations, student ambassadors, student data, and student leadership binders. PES prides itself of mentoring other Leader in Me schools and those trying to obtain Leader in Me status as well as Lighthouse status.



    -a strong focus on developing leaders will enhance student success. -highly effective schools create a loving environment where students are actively engaged in learning. Our 56 club offerings provide our students the opportunities to explore various interests and learn by doing. Several clubs are sponsored by community members and stakeholders with a shared interest of developing our students through enrichment. The clubs vary from art to music to robotics. Students synergize and are able to express their personal interest(s) while increasing their love for learning. Students are also engaged in setting and monitoring personal as well as academic goals. This creates an active sense of ownership and input from the students to enhance student progress.

    -all students can learn. Our faculty has been trained on the implementation of the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards. Faculty representatives have been involved at the district level in creating pacing guides, aligned with the CCRS, for math and English language arts. Teachers are using formative assessment data to adjust instruction and identify which standards have been mastered and which standards need remediation. Global Scholar and the STI Achievement Series have been added to our tool kit to assist in identifying student needs. Our Response to Instruction team meets regularly to establish specific interventions for individual students. OGAP strategies are also being implemented K-5. Our teachers demonstrate a high level of instructional excellence and are adapting to facilitate learning for all students.

    -data drives our instruction.  Each new school year, the faculty sifts through mounds of state testing and school summative and formative assessment data to determine the academic strengths and areas of focus for the upcoming school year.  The faculty sets goals for student learning and develops a school improvement plan (known as the ASSIST Continuous Improvement Plan or ACIP which can be located on this web site) to reach those goals.  Progress checkpoints through instructional rounds, grade level meetings, data meetings, and team meetings allow the faculty to determine how we are doing and determine any changes that need to be made to instruction to reach our goals.  Students are our focus! 

    -parent involvement is paramount to the success of each child and the total school program!  It is our belief that parents and teachers working together as a team can help each child reach his or her potential. We welcome your interest and participation in our Parent-Teacher Organization. 

    -our purpose is to instill the principles outlined through Franklin Covey's The Leader in Me process in order to create critical thinkers who will serve as leaders. PES centers on our motto of "Leading, Loving, Learning Together". Through this motto, students are empowered as leaders so they may perform at their highest level of potential. Our culture places a strong emphasis on values by setting goals to enhance students socially and academically. Students are held to a high level of excellence through expectations set forth in Leadership notebooks, conferences, and rigorous school wide social and academic programs. PES meets the needs of our students through art/music, The Leader in Me process, 56 clubs, and Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) implementation. These various programs provide opportunities across the curriculum to support and nurture the development of social and academic leaders.

    Priceville Elementary was selected as a CLAS BANNER School in 2012 and recognized as a school that serves as an outstanding educational model for other schools in Alabama. The CLAS Banner School program was created in 2001 to recognize schools in Alabama that showcase outstanding programs and service to students. 142 schools were nominated for this prestigious recognition. Ten schools were chosen out of those nominated and PES was one of them.