• Welcome to the Math Department website.  Our goal is to provide enriching opportunities and meaningful experiences for all students in the area of mathematics.  The Mathematics department offers a wide range of courses that develop and enhance students’ analytical skills.  Traditional courses in Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry and Calculus, as well as an elective in Computer Science, are all excellent preparation for college.  The Mathematics program of studies includes Advanced Placement courses in Calculus and Computer Science and Pre-AP courses in Pre-Cal with Trig, Geometry, and Algebra.  As a department, we continue to work hard in our efforts to implement an academically rigorous mathematics curriculum which develops, maintains and facilitates personal growth, while challenging our students to reach new heights in mathematics.


    To engage and prepare our students to be critical and independent thinkers who can share problems in a post-secondary and real-world setting.


    The Brewer High School Mathematics Department will provide the tools necessary for all students to become problem-solvers, effective citizens, and productive members of our society.

  • We Love Math