We understand things can come up at the last minute and you may find yourself needing to change the way your child gets home from school.  Please note:

    • NO transportation changes will be made after 2pm.
    • Only a parent note sent with the student or a parent note brought to the school will be acceptable forms of transportation change.

    Morning Drop off Procedures

    **Pull up as far as possible in the car line-do not leave any gaps between the car in front of you.

    **Do not leave your vehicle to walk your student to the sidewalk.  Remain in your vehicle and have the student exit the car on the passenger side only.

    • The West side door, at the gym and lunchroom will open at 7:15 for K-4th car rider students.
    • Students should go directly to the Gym.
    • East side buses will unload at 7:25 
    • All West and East side doors will be open at 7:30.    
    • Pre K drop off begins at 7:30 on the West side. Please do not drop off Pre K before 7:30.
    • Tardy bell rings at 7:45am and all outside doors will be closed and locked. If your student is tardy, please walk them into the front office and sign them in.

    Afternoon Pick up Procedures

    West Side Pick up

    • Pre-K pick up is at 2:00 (All other grade level parents please allow room for Pre K parents to pick up their child.)
    • K-2 pick up begins 2:45.

    East Side Pick up

    • Please do not arrive before 2:40pm. Cars backing up on Cave Spring Road causes traffic problems
    • Buses leave at 2:48
    • 3rd and 4th graders and siblings car line begins at 2:50 on the East side

    Bus Drivers

    • Dylan Jackson, Bus 77
    • Don Widner, Bus 26
    • Billy Haggermaker, Bus 41
    • Jan Sanders, Bus 84
    • Jeanette Parker, Bus 46
    • Heather Wilder, Bus 66
    • Kelly Keel, Bus 12
    • Lee Clark, Bus 40
    • Pam Estes, Bus 13
    • Phil McCutcheon, Bus 72
    • Delayna Cartee, Bus 42
    • Steve Turney, Bus 19