Students may change mode of transportation only with WRITTEN PERMISSION BY THE CUSTODIAL PARENT OR GUARDIAN.  Students will NOT be allowed to use the school phone to make transportation arrangements.  NO phone calls are allowed for transportation changes.  Acceptable forms of transportation changes: hand delivered note or faxed note.

    Email will only be accepted in emergency situations.  Please note: emails for transportation changes are not reliable; we cannot guarantee that it will be received/read in time to make the necessary changes.


    Bus Drivers

    • Becky Bond, Bus 77
    • Paula Couch, Bus 26
    • Billy Haggermaker, Bus 41
    • Jan Sanders, Bus 67
    • Dylan Jackson, Bus 46
    • Heather Wilder, Bus 66
    • Kelly Keel, Bus 12
    • Lee Clark, Bus 40
    • Pam Estes, Bus 13
    • Phil McCutcheon, Bus 72
    • Steve Hopper, Bus 42
    • Steve Turney, Bus 19