• Scholarships are financial aid to assist with paying college expenses.  Scholarships differ from college loans in that scholarships do not have to be repaid.

     There are two types of scholarships:

    1. Dependent Scholarships - Dependent scholarships are awarded to students who enroll at a specific college or university.  The scholarship is "dependent" on the student enrolling and attending their college or university.  Click here for links to the scholarship pages of many colleges and universities.

    2. Independent Scholarships - Independent scholarship not dependent on the student attending a specific college or university.  The student can "independently" apply the funds to the college or university he/she decides to attend.

    Under the Scholarships menu to the left, you will find two links that will assist with applying for independent scholarships. 

    1. Scholarship Search Engines and Scholarship Programs - This page contans a list of sites that will allow students to search for scholarships and in many cases, sign up for email alerts when a scholarship match for the student becomes available.
      • Suggestion from a student:  Create an email account just for scholarships for two reasons:  1) You will likely get a lot of emails once you get signed up with some of the search engines sites, and 2) You will not want a scholarship email to get lost in your everyday email inbox and miss a scholarship opportunity.
    2. Independent Scholarships - This page contains a list of independent scholarships that have been sent directly to your school counselor to pass along to PHS students.

    NOTE:  While most scholarships are limited to seniors only, some are available for underclassmen.  Students should begin searching for scholarships when they enter high school.