• Extended Family for Kids is a solution-based program for children with an incarcerated family member. That was started by Laure E. Clemons.  The purpose of Extended Family for Kids is to give children additional tools for coping with this time in their lives. 

    Extended Family for Kids includes lessons on anger resolution, accepting respponsibility for personal actions, and improving communications skills, all geared toward the child who has a family member incarcerated  (or has been incarcerated) in a local, state, or federal instituion. For the children who participate this program has seen  increased self-esteem, eased feeling of shame and isolation, and decreased stress. 


    If you feel like this would be a good small group for you child. Please contact me or you make send me the permission form found on this page. 

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  • This is a small group that will focus on helping young ladies make postivie decsisions in their life dealing with social problems, body image and anything thing else they feel we need to discuss.