• Notice: HNH can and will give Tdap to 10 year olds who are entering 6th grade next year. This is a change. In the past the children had to be 11, but they received the ok now to give at age 10 as long as they are entering into 6th grade.
    They will offer Tdap,  HPV and MCV to 10 to 12 and then the MCVB (Meningococcal B is for ages 16-18.)  Only Tdap is required.   

    If you have a child in another grade that is non-compliant (does not have all the required vaccines), you are welcome to have them receive their vaccines.

    Our date is April 9th. I do not have the times yet.

    DEADLINE for Vaccine Consent Forms to be returned back to school is March 15

    We will give each parent a full size copy the day of service and we have included a .pdf here as well as the website address on the form for the parent to visit if they desire.  Replacing the VIS is a letter explaining the types of vaccines with recommended ages, types of insurance accepted, information about Peehip and a statement about Tdap requirements. It also states if you do not wish to participate you should dispose of the form and not send it back to the school.