Work-Based Learning

  • Work-Based Learning provides students with the educational opportunities that typically cannot be replicated in the classroom. Work-based experiences are designed to connect information learned in the classroom with skills obtained in an occupational setting as an apprentice or intern. Work-based learning promotes improved skills, higher efficiency and the available of a better-trained labor pool that encourages business growth and productivity. Well-managed work-based learning experiences build confidence in the school system and have benefits for the student, employer, mentor, school and community. Students can choose the morning or afternoon to accommodate their job schedule.


    Career Opportunities:

    Careers: All Workplace Careers


    Earning Potential:

    Salary Range: $10,000 to over $100,000


    Why join Work-Based Learning:

    Flexible Hours - 4 hours minimum weekly

    Earn valuable income

    School to work transition (earn school credit by working)

    Gain valuable work experience

    College and career ready


    Work-Based Learning is available at each of the five MCS high schools.