CNP Professional Development




      Each employee is required to complete Professional Development each year to remain in compliance with Federal, State, and Local guidelines.  

      1. Morgan County Required PD- this is PD that is required by the district for EVERY employee.  Please contact your local Principal for further instruction.  Some of this PD will be located on Compliance Director. Instructions for completion of these items can be obtained from your Principal.
      2. CNP Required PD- this PD is required of EVERY CNP employee (including CNP substitutes) according to Federal, State and local guidelines.  Please follow the directions below to access all PD for CNP.  


            In-service dates have been specified on the CNP calendar.  These days will be utilized for completion of the required PD training as needed. 


      1. Click the following link and sign in -     Food Handler PD
      2. Log in with you user name (pre-set by CNP office) which consists of your first initial, second initial and last name - ex     Julie Ann Bone         jabone

                 Password – everyone will initially use the same password -   Welcome2021!

                 Once you have logged in successfully, it will require you to set up a new password.  Please use something you will remember and RECORD IT SOMEWHERE.  You will not utilize this password frequently             so it will be easy to forget.  WRITE IT DOWN!

      1. All required courses can be found under the “Course Guide”.

                Hover your mouse over “Courses” on the left side of your screen and then click “Course Guide”

                *All courses have been assigned a month to be completed in. If you do not get all assigned courses completed on your In-Service date that month, you can access this from home and complete OR you            can continue working at your next In-Service date.  No matter what, ALL courses must be completed by March 1.

      1. To begin each course, click on the Course Title below the picture.
      2. Down towards the bottom of the next screen, under the heading “Lessons”, click on the Course Title.
      3. On this next screen, it typically has 3 different forms of the same information – An animated video, a Power Point/Slides Presentation with no sound, or a narrated power point/slide.  (My preference is the animated video but you can choose which ever you prefer.)

                - Choose your style presentation and then watch/listen to the content.

      1. When you are done, go back to the top of the screen and click on “Mark Complete”. A small pop-up window typically shows up that asks if you want to mark this course as complete. Click “OK”.  If not, go to next step.
      2. Click on “Start Exam
      3. Read questions carefully and answer. At the end of quiz (5 questions), click “Submit” and wait for results. 
      4. Your score will be revealed and you can choose to continue OR you can choose to View Questions which allows you to see which ones you missed. Once you look those over, you can “Restart the Exam” in hopes of improving your score. 
      5. Once you have completed taking the exam and/or retaking the exam, click on ‘Click Here to Continue”. At this point, start back over with step #4 to begin your next course.  Repeat for as many courses as you have been assigned to complete for each In-Service.