CNP Professional Development

  • The following items are REQUIRED for all CNP Staff to complete each school year.  

    Please follow the instructions/links to complete each.  



    1. Standard Precautions/Bloodborne Pathogens

    2. Tier 1 Diabetic Training

    3. AED Training

    4. Anaphylaxis and Epi-Pens

    5. Food Allergies

    6. Asthma

    7. Responding to Medical Emergencies

    8. Seizures

                    Where are (#1-8) found?

                         - Go to (there is also an instructional link to Compliance Director at the bottom of this page)

                         - Click on Alabama

                         - Click on Morgan County 

                         - Click on Health Services

                         - Enter the following - user Name – Morgan County

                                                         Password -     graduate

                         - ***Each employee will have to do this on a separate computer because Compliance Director will only acknowledge completion for one person per session.

                         - As each topic shows on the screen, click on the title to the presentation. This will take you directly to the presentation.  View all slides to the presentation.  When you are finished with each presentation, you will have various questions to answer.  After you answer, it will progress you to the next topic.  Continue until you have completed ALL THE PRESENTATION.  If you quit and come back later, you will have to start them all over again.  It does not record your progression. 

                         - When you have completed all the presentations and questions, it will have you complete an assurance statement.

                         - After this it will take you back to the same log-in screen you saw initially.

                         - Sign back in

                         - Fill out the small form with your name, birth year, last 4 of SS#, and email. On the School or Office where you work – MAKE SURE YOU SELECT DISTRICT CHILD NUTRITION!!!!  If you do not, I will not be able to track what you have completed for CNP. 

                         - If you are completing something that the school district requires AND NOT CNP, choose your school name instead of District Child Nutrition.


                             - WHERE IT’S FOUND: Morgan County website:

                             - Click HERE -    Civil Rights TrainingView entire Civil Rights Training Presentation.  

                             - When completed, make a copy of Civil Rights Viewing sign-in sheet (a master copy is in your binder). Have all employees that have viewed the webinar sign the sheet. Email a copy to Suzanne for PD records.

      If you have any questions, please contact the CNP Director.  

    Compliance Directory - 

    - Follow the instructions below to log-in to Compliance Director and complete the necessary units.  There are a number of items on this that are required by the School System, not just CNP

           Compliance Director Sign-In Instructions