• Danville Middle School Media Center Permission                             Seventh Grade


    Dear Parent or Guardian:

    As most of you know DMS and DHS have a shared library.  Some books have been labeled high school because of content or language.  We label books we consider to have content or language inappropriate for fifth graders.  As seventh grade students are more mature we have been asked to find a way for them to check out these books.  Therefore, these students can obtain parental permission to obtain books with a high school label.  If you sign and return the form below it gives your child permission to check out the high school books.  This option is only available to seventh and eighth graders.  Students who return a signed form will be issued a card that allows them to check out books with a high school label.  The student must bring the card with them in order to check out a book.  Students are responsible for keeping up with their cards.  Permission is good for seventh and eighth grade.  The first card is issued free of any charges.  Replacements are $0.50.  If you have any questions please call the media center or contact your child’s reading teacher.

    Thank you,


    Sonya Swader, Media Specialist                                             256-773-7723 ext 26172



    Please sign and return to your teacher or Ms. Swader.


    My child, ______________________________, has permission to check out books that have been labeled high school.  I understand that while these books have the appropriate reading level they may contain mature language or content.


    Student Signature: ____________________________________________________________

    Parent Signature: _____________________________________________________________

    Phone Number: ____________________________________________________________