• Frequently Asked Questions

    Updated February 22, 2019. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN.  

    Q: When will the drawings be held? 

    A: The drawings will all be held on March 1 at the ERC. This is the building beside and behind the Central Office. The first building on the left when you pull into the driveway is the junior high; the second is the ERC. We will be in Room B. We will begin with Cotaco at 8:30 and continue until we have finished them all. Here is a tentative schedule:



    All drawings will be held at the Morgan County Resource Center and are open to the public. Times are approximate. If there are 17 or fewer students enrolled, all will be accepted. 


    March 1/8:30 AM


    March 1/9:00 AM


    March 1/9:15AM


    March 1/9:30 AM


    March 1/9:45 AM


    March 1/10:45 AM

    Union Hill

    March 1/11:00 AM


    March 1/11:15 AM

    Q: How will I find out the results of the drawing? 

    A: You will get an email letting you know one way or the other. It may take 2-3 days, because we have a lot of parents to notify. 

    Q: Is it too late for me to sign up for the current year? 

    A: Not at all! OSR requires us to begin school with 16 students in each class, then allows us to add up to two more under certain circumstances. We sometimes lose students during the year, and some of our wait lists are not long. If you are interested in having your child attend a high quality PreK in Morgan County, we urge you to email Dr. Martine Fairbanks at mbfairbanks@morgank12.org.   

     Q: Why are you charging tuition? I thought this was a public school program!


    A: Actually, PreK is different. While many (but not all) PreK classes are held in public schools, the program is not strictly a public school program.  PreK is funded by competitive grants, but the grants do not cover all of the costs of the program. In fact, in Morgan County, the grants cover only 60-70% of the costs. We simply cannot run our PreK classes without our parent partners providing some of the support. Compared to daycare, it’s a bargain—and your child gets a high quality education from certified teachers!


    Q: How do you decide how much tuition we will owe?


    A: Tuition charges are income-based, and are based on a chart provided by the Office of School Readiness (OSR). 


    Q: What if we do not pay the tuition?


    A: If there are special circumstances, we will work with you on a temporary basis.


    Q: What is the tuition money used for?


    A: It is used for a variety of expenses, including field trips, classroom materials and supplies, playground upgrades, professional development for the teachers (which is mandated by OSR), and other classroom needs. None of the money will go to Montgomery or be used to support other school programs.


    Q: Will my child be able to ride the bus to PreK?


    A: No transportation will be provided. Four year olds cannot ride on a school bus without modified seats. 


    Q: What will the hours be?


    A: That is decided at the local school. The day is 6 ½ hours, which is shorter than the regular school day.


    Q: I need after school care. Can I get it at the school?


    A: Again, that is a local school decision. Some of the schools do have after school care available.


    Q: When do I get a supply list?


    A: You don’t! Your teacher may send a “wish list,” but one of the uses of your tuition money is to purchase the supplies your child will need.


    Q: Why don’t you have PreKs in all of the elementary schools?


    A: We’re trying! We now have classes in all of our elementary schools except one, and it is served by a Head Start OSR PreK.


    Q: Is it too late for me to register my child?


    A: No, either for this year or next year.  Although the drawing will be held on March 1, we often have vacancies and fill them from our wait list. If you are interested in the current year, email Dr. Martine Fairbanks at Mbfairbanks@morgank12.org for a link.


    Q: Where can we find the chart that shows how much our tuition will be?


    A: There is a tab at this site marked “Tuition.” Find your income and family size, then look up to see what percentage of the poverty level your family falls under. Look for that percentage on the bottom chart, and you will have your monthly tuition. NOTE: It has not yet been updated for 2019-20, but we expect it to change little, if at all. 


    Q: Isn’t that chart too complicated?


    A: Yes. It is from the federal government. You expected simple?


    Q: My child’s birthday falls just a few days too late to PreK. Can you make an exception and take her?


    A: The state is firm on the birthdates—the child must be four on or before September 1. Community Action does take 3 year olds, though. For more information, call Stephanie Johnson at (256) 260-3144.


    Q: Will you need a birth certificate?  


    A: Yes, and proof of immunization, and a social security number. It is not necessary to provide the documents now--you may bring the documents to the school if your child is selected. 


    Q: Do you expect me to believe there is really a random drawing? 


    A: Sure do! It is open to the public.  Feel free to attend the drawing yourself to see that it is fair and impartial. The only exception is people who work at the school, whose children are allowed in automatically. 





    Are there other questions you would like to see answered? Please email them to Martine Fairbanks.