• The counselor's at A.P. Brewer attend a variety of training and information sessions each year in order to remain current on college admissions requirements, scholarship information, and current trends in post-secondary education.  Here you will find a list of our most popular colleges, information regarding the admissions process, and links to each college's admissions website.  Requirements listed for both entrance and scholarships are minimum requirements; ACT scores and GPAs that are higher than those listed may result in additional monies.  

College Requirements Sch. ACT Sch. GPA Adm. Deadline Sch. Deadline Adm. Website
Auburn University 24 ACT / 3.5 GPA 28 3.5 http://www.auburn.edu/admissions/
Jacksonville State University 20 ACT/2.0 GPA 23+ 3.0 http://www.jsu.edu/admissions/index.html
University of Alabama Huntsville 20 ACT / 2.9 GPA 25 3.0 http://www.uah.edu/admissions/undergraduate/admission-process
University of Montevallo 20 ACT / 2.5 GPA 23+ 3.0 https://www.montevallo.edu/admissions-aid/
University of North Alabama 18 ACT 20 3.0 https://www.una.edu/admissions/index.html