•  DMS 6th Grade Supply List 2020-2021


    Each child will need a pencil bag to carry to each class with the following materials in the bag:  

    1. 2 Packs of Pencils 
    2. Hand held pencil sharpener
    3. 1 pack colored pencils 
    4. 1 pack markers
    5. Glue Stick(s)
    6. Scissors
    7. Headphones or earbuds (to stay in pencil bag) 

    Math, English, Social Studies and Reading

    1. 1-3 inch binder (Just 1 binder to be used for ALL subjects except Science)
    2. Notebook paper for binder, enough for 5 sections
    3. 1 pkg.-5 tab dividers 


    1. 2-70 sheet spiral notebooks for Science


    Personal Water Bottle (water fountains may not be operational)


    *If you have any difficulty obtaining these items, please contact the school/teachers.

    Teacher Contact Info: 

    Lori Bailey- ljbailey@morgank12.org

    Nicole Chambers- jnchambers@morgank12.org

    Dena Free- dhfree@morgank12.org

    Vicki Puckett- snpuckett@morgank12.org

    Cindy Wiley- cmwiley@morgank12.org