Terms and Conditions of Use


    The student and the student’s parent/guardian certify that they have thoroughly read, understand, and accept the following terms and conditions which will govern the student’s possession and use of mobile device computer (Laptop, tablet, Chromebook, iPad, etc.) issued to the student by the Morgan County School System (MCS). The student and the student’s parent/guardian also certify that they will comply with these terms at all times while the mobile device is in their possession or under their control. Participation is voluntary. If student or parent/guardian opt out, the student will receive educational services not requiring use of a mobile device and without any penalty.


    General Terms & Conditions


    The mobile device is being made available to the student on the terms and conditions described in this document only for purposes of educational services provided by the MCSS. Because the device is school property and intended only for approved educational uses, student’s use of device will is governed by this document and the rules, policies, and guidelines at all times and in all locations, both on and off campus and both during and outside of instructional time.

    Mobile device is at all times property of MCS.

    MCS may recall device and/or place restrictions on student’s use or possession at any time and for any reason without prior notice.

    Student or parent/guardian will immediately surrender device to teacher or administrator at any time requested.

    MCS reserves right to change terms or conditions of possession or use of device or impose new restrictions on use or possession of device, at any time.

    Student’s possession and use of device is subject at all times, on and off campus, to terms and conditions described in this document, and any additional rules, regulations, and restrictions that may be imposed from time to time by the MCS.

    Student’s possession and use of device is governed at all times, both on and off campus, by all applicable policies and procedures, including but not limited to the Technology and Acceptable Use Policy.

    Student and parent/guardian certify they have reviewed and understand this agreement and further certify they are aware of Board policies available on system’s website and their responsibility to inform themselves as to any policies that might apply to the student’s use or possession of device and to comply with those at all times.

    Under no circumstances will students use device or permit it to be used in furtherance of any following: crime; fraud; threat; defamation; plagiarism; copyright, patent, or trademark infringement; illegal downloading; theft of intellectual property; gambling; accessing, viewing, or transmission of pornographic or violent images or content; illegal or unauthorized accessing or use of data; bullying or harassment (including cyber-bullying); malicious internet activities (including “hacking” of other computers or websites); advertising or commercial activities; abusive or insulting communications; or any unlawful activities of any kind.

    Under no circumstances will the student use device, or permit device to be used, to access any


    networks, websites, or online resources not approved and will follow all current internet filtering policies.  

    Under no circumstances will device be used for instant messaging (IM)j, visiting chat rooms, and/or non-school social networking websites unless specifically approved by MCS. Parents or guardians will supervise and monitor internet use whenever possible.

    Student and parent/guardian acknowledge they are solely responsible for ensuring the student’s use to access the internet while off campus will be safe and responsible and in compliance with all applicable laws, policies, rules, and regulations.

    Student and parent/guardian will hold MCS and employees harmless for any harm that may come to student or any person as result of student’s off-campus internet activities.

    Should the student inadvertently gain access through the mobile device to any confidential information about students or staff members, including but not limited to course work or grade information, the student will immediately report the incident to the school principal and will not share information with any person.

    If authorized, by MCS the student may transport device to and from home, public libraries, and meetings of school study groups.

    Student will not share device with any person unless expressly authorized to do so by a MCS teacher or administrator.

    Student will not loan the device to any person, including another MCS student, without prior written authorization from the principal.

    Any violation terms or conditions set forth or referenced in this document may result in possession or use of device being restricted, suspended, or terminated, with or without prior notice, at the sole discretion MCS.

    Student’s possession and use of device is a privilege, not a right and by signing this document, the student and parent/guardian acknowledge they have no right or entitlement to possession or use of device and that neither this document nor any conversation, correspondence or understanding between themselves and any representative of MCS, gives them any ownership or contractual rights of any kind whatsoever to the device.


    Orientation Meeting, Technology Fee, & Quiz


    As a condition of being issued a mobile device, all participants in MCS device program must attend a mandatory orientation meeting (time and location to be announced).

    As a condition of being issued a device, all participants must pay an annual user fee of $40.00 by cash, check or money order made payable to Morgan County Schools.

    As a condition of being issued a mobile device, all participants must take and pass, with a perfect score, a quiz on Chromebook care and use.


    Issuance & Return of Mobile device


    • Devices will be issued to a student only after:
    • Attending mandatory orientation meeting,
    • Paying annual technology fee
    • Passing device quiz
    • Signing the AUP and returning

    Student’s right to device terminates on the last day of school year, unless terminated earlier by the MCS. Devices will be collected on or before the last day of school year. Late fees may also be


    assessed if device is not returned immediately after being recalled by MCS before the end of school year. Although devices are to be returned immediately upon demand by MCS, a grace period of one week may be allowed.

    Failure to return device by last day of school year or upon demand, results in a late fee of $5 per day for first 30 days, and $10 per day for next 30 days, until the device is safely returned.

    Device is not returned within 60 days from the last day of school year, student and parent/guardian may be assessed full replacement cost of device, and MCS may institute legal actions against the student and/or parent/guardian.


    Care, Maintenance & Inspections


    Student and parent/guardian acknowledge they have received a copy of MCS Device Care and Use Guidelines and will comply at all times with specifications in document, as well as additional rules or guidelines regarding care and maintenance device.

    Under no circumstances will the student install or permit to be installed on device any hardware, software, drivers, or other programs or devices without the advance written approval from the principal.  

    Under no circumstances will the student delete, uninstall, or attempt to circumvent any hardware, software, drivers, filters, or other programs or devices installed on the device by the MCSS.

    Device may be inspected at any time by MCS officials, with or without prior notice, either in person or remotely via the internet or network connections, for purposes of maintenance and/or to monitor the student’s use of device (including any email communications and internet activities) to determine whether the student is complying with the terms and conditions set forth or described in this document.  

    Student and parent/guardian acknowledge that they have no reasonable expectation of privacy to any data or information of any kind contained on the device, which shall at all times remain the property MCS and which is intended to be used only for school purposes.

    Student and parent/guardian further acknowledge that if any such inspection reveals evidence that the student has violated the Code of Student Conduct or any criminal law, such evidence may be used in support of a disciplinary action against the student and/or shared with law enforcement.


    Loss, Theft, & Damage


    The device is a valuable piece of property that is being made available to the student by the MCS for purposes of advancing the student’s education. The student is responsible for ensuring that the mobile device is kept safe and secure at all times while it is in the student’s possession or under the student’s control.

    Under no circumstances will the student leave the mobile device unattended at any location, either on or off campus, unless it is safely secured at the student’s home or locked in the student’s school locker.  

    Under no circumstances will the student leave the mobile device in the care or custody of any person other than the student’s parent or guardian or a MCS teacher or administrator.

    If device is lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning in any way, the student will immediately report the problem to the teacher or principal.

    If device is damaged or malfunctioning in any way, MCS will attempt repair the first incident at no cost, but further damages after initial incident per student per year, will result in charge of repair of labor and parts to the student.

    If student believes device has been stolen, the student and parent/guardian will immediately file a report with law enforcement and request a written copy of incident report filed by the law enforcement officer.

    As soon as possible after reporting device stolen, the student will provide a copy of incident report to the  


    principal, along with details about the incident and the name and telephone number of investigating officer.

    MCS will investigate incidents of mobile devices reported as lost and may refer any such incidents to law enforcement.

    MCS devices can be easily identified and traced.

    Any theft, conspiracy to steal, or unauthorized sale of or conspiracy to sell a MCS owned device will be vigorously prosecuted to the fullest extent law.

    MCS reserves the right to decline to issue a replacement mobile device if it determines, in its sole discretion, that the risk of loss or damage to the replacement device is unacceptable.

    Decision not to issue a replacement device shall not excuse the student and his parent/guardian from any fees associated with the loss, theft, or damage of any previously-issued MCS devices,, given that fees are intended to help offset the actual cost to the MCS of repair or replacement of MCS property.

    The person(s) responsible for damaging or vandalizing a device will be assessed a fee to cover the cost of repair for each returnable incidence.

    Anyone who intentionally vandalized a MCS device, altering the appearance device, including, but not limited to, by paint, ink, chemical, or physical means may be responsible for the full replacement cost of another device and will be subject to a Class II disciplinary sanction including alternative school and/or out of-school suspension.

    Students will always be responsible for replacing lost chargers at replacement cost ($20.00 - $50.00).


    Fee Waivers


    The fees described in this document will be waived only for demonstrated economic hardship in accordance with the MCSS.


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