• Guidance Counselors

    Phone: 256.778.8634

    Extension 41007 (Ms. Dale) or 41008 (Ms. Cobbs)


    Janice Winters Dale                             Jennifer Cobbs

     Email: jmwinters@morgank12.org                               Email: jacobbs@morgank12.org


    Though a comprehensive guidance and career development program is available to all students, we recognize the need for some students to have other growth opportunities. While some may find it easy to adjust to change, others struggle with self-identity, family issues, social/emotional and academic difficulties. The A.P. Brewer High School Guidance and Counseling program provides support to students in need as well as in crisis and offers services to meet those needs. Students see the counselors individually as needed. 

    To ensure that students and families shall receive the most professional services possible, A.P. Brewer High School counselors abide by the code of ethics in their delivery of services and participate in ongoing professional development activities designed to increase and enhance both their skills and credibility in the performance of their duties within the school community.
    The A.P. Brewer High School Guidance and Counseling program is committed to addressing the needs of all students by helping them to acquire the competencies and skills necessary to compete in the competitive, ever-changing world of work.  Providing a proactive, comprehensive program assists all students in their efforts to become responsible, productive citizens.

    Students, teachers, and parents will find a wide variety of valuable resources and information contained within this website that will help to prepare for life after high school.