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Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI)
Alabama Reading Initiative

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Alabama Department of Education

Common Core State Standards Web Resources
Achieve the Core

Common Core State Standards

Text Project

The Teaching Channel Videos

Fifth Grade Math - Division Using Place Value
Division Using Place Value

Fifth Grade Math - Long Division, Traditional
Long division - Traditional

Fifth Grade Math - Multiplying a whole number by a fraction using repeated addition
Multiplying a whole # by a fraction using repeated addition

Fifth Grade Math - Partial Quotients - 1 digit division
one digit division

Fifth Grade Math - Partial Quotients - 2 digit division
Partial Quotient - 2 digit Division

Fifth Grade Math - Understanding Fractions as Division
Understanding Fractions as Division

First Grade math - Place Value and Numbers 11-19
First grade math - place value and numbers 11-19

Fourth Grade Math - Area Model for 2 by 2 digit multiplication
Multiplication for 2 digit by 2 digit in area model

Fourth Grade Math - Expanded form algorithm for multiplication
Fourth Grade Math - Expanded form algorithm for multiplication

Fourth Grade Math - Multiplication and Expanded Form
Multiplication and Expanded Form Video

Second Grade math - adding two-digit numbers
second grade math - adding two-digit numbers

Second Grade Math - number strings

Second Grade Math - Simple Number Strings
Simple number strings

Second Grade math - strategies for adding 2-digit numbers
strategies for adding 2-digit numbers

Third Grade Math - Mental Math
Third Grade - Mental Math

Third Grade Math - Mental Math Addition Tricks
Mental Math Addition Tricks

Third Grade Math - Mental Math Secrets
Mental Math Secrets

Third Grade Math - Understanding Multiplication
Understanding 3rd grade multiplication

Third Grade Multiplication Strategies
Multiplication Strategies

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CCRS for Math

College and Career Ready Standards

Alabama Math, Science & Technology Initiative

AYP Accountability
Local test scores and status reports

Common Core
CC I can Statements

Kindergarten math - quick images
Kindergarten Math

Math and Reading Practice Links for Elementary Students
All subjects practice for students - softschools.com

Directory of online resources for elementary students

Fun games for children - books read aloud

Math and Reading practice - Math playground.com

Math and reading practice for elementary students-IXL

Math practice - math-play.com

Math practice for elementary students - ipracticemath.com

math practice for elementary students - mathabc.com

math practice for students - funbrain.com

Mathematical Practices
Math Practices Posters

Mathematical Practices

mathematical practices

Mathematical Practices

Mathematical Practices

Common Core Math and Language Arts by grade level

Inside Mathematics

My Favorite "No" - math instruction

Resources for CCRS

The Teaching Channel

Videos to explain two digit addition

Understanding the Common Core
Common Core Video

Understanding more about Common Core