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Morgan County Student Assessment
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Morgan County Schools Department of Student Assessment

The Morgan County Schools Department of Student Assessment is located upstairs in the Board of Education Office on Point Mallard Parkway.  



What Parents should DO with Test Results 

Regardless of the visual appeal or specificity of the report, it’s knowing what to do with the results that matters.


If your child is at or above the benchmark:

You may be inclined to pay less attention to what those standards are, but you should do that at your own (and your child’s) risk.

Students can stumble anywhere along the spectrum, at any time during any school year. Staying on top of what your

child should know all along the way, i.e., what the content standards are, helps you see red flags early, before your 

child’s semester grade slips or your child falls far behind. 


If your child has not reached a benchmark:

As the parent, you should ask questions about the school’s plan to help your child master that standard. It is recommended that parents request a conference with your child’s current teacher, and ask to discuss the previous year’s ACT Aspire results.

Your child needs both you and the teacher, working together, to help figure out why the test showed your child as not reaching the benchmark.


Ask very specific questions such as: 

  • How can my child master that standard?
  • What resources are available to help my child master that standard?
  • How can I work with the school to ensure that my child has access to the resources needed to master that standard?


While it is true that the results only “reflect one day in the spring”,

the tests should adequately reflect what your child has learned in the course of that school year. Catching up gets harder and

harder the farther a child falls behind. Standards build upon each other. If your child has difficulty with a standard that is the

building block for future learning (which is the idea behind the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards), that next level of

content will be very difficult for your child to learn.


The Actual Standards

The National PTA has created an excellent resource for parents to better understand what their child will be learning in each grade.

Here are the guides broken down by each grade.

Here’s a resource page from Alabama GRIT with links to download the English Language Arts (ELA) and Math Standards for Alabama.