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Alabama State Department of Education PLAN 2020 Information 

Alabama State Board of Education

PLAN 2020


PLAN 2020 is the strategic plan for education in Alabama. The goal? Preparing all students to be successful in college and/or career upon graduation from high school. A “prepared graduate” is defined in PLAN 2020, and the four priorities listed below establish the foundation of the plan.

  • Alabama's 2020 Learners.
  • Alabama's 2020 Support Systems.
  • Alabama's 2020 Schools/Systems.
  • Alabama's 2020 Professionals.

Each of the four priorities contain objectives, strategies, and targets/indicators designed to focus all available resources, completely address all critical aspects needed for each component, and make significant measureable progress by the year 2020. Implementation of PLAN 2020 will improve student growth and achievement, close the achievement gap, increase the graduation rate, and increase the number of students graduating high school that are college- and career-ready and prepared to be successful in our global society.


Accountability Reporting:   http://www.alsde.edu/Accountability/preAccountability.asp