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School Health Services
Every Child Deserves A School Nurse
Every Child Deserves A School Nurse


                                                                  Supervisor:Brenda Caudle RN,MSN
                                                                   Morgan County Board of Education
                                                                   Phone - 256-309-2164


Mission Statement :
To reduce health related barriers to learning, and promote the health and safety for the students and staff of Morgan County Schools. 

 You should contact the school nurse if you have a child who:

  • Has any health condition that could impact their attendance and participation during the school day
  • Requires medication during school 
  • Requires nursing care for treatment, a procedure, or medical monitoring during school hours
  • Requires any emergency medication, supplies or treatment while in school

Every Morgan County school campus has a full time school nurse. See "Staff" listing to learn how to contact your child's nurse.